Our company was featured in the global economic magazine “Forbes JAPAN”

Our company was featured in the in the April 2024 issue.
Forbes JAPAN April 2024 issue

発表! 小さくても強い「スモール・ジャイアンツ」 | Forbes JAPAN 公式サイト(フォーブス ジャパン) 日本には、規模は小さくても偉大な価値をもつ「強い」企業がたくさんある。 2月24日発売の「Forbes JAPAN 2024年4月号」は、そんな「スモール・ジャイアンツ」企画をはじめ...

The article, titled “Small Giants”, focused on Japanese small and medium-sized companies with great achievements.
We believe the recognition by Forbes JAPAN is acknowledgement of the many years of dedicated craftsmanship and efforts by our group in our field.
We will continue to work hard to exceed your expectations.